Getting laid is easy

Girls are like guys. They just want to have sex.

At least, the fun ones do!

But, before you get too excited, we need to check a few things.

Are you over 18?

No kids allowed here!

Yes Yes, I'm over 18

No Nope, I'm just a child

Stop right there, sonny! No children allowed here, even if you have your mother's permission. So are you over 18 or not?

Yes OK I really am over 18

No Sorry, I'm just not old enough

You're going to see naked bodies.

Will you be offended?

No No, I won't be offended. Honest!

Yes Gulp. that's too much for me.

Really? So do naked, pretty girls get your juices flowing, or not?

Yes OK so I do really like naked girls

No I'm just too shy for this.

Can you be discrete?

Our girls like to keep their secrets.

Yes I can be discrete. I'm not a kid.

No Sorry, I always brag.

Nobody likes a loud-mouth, my friend. Can you learn to be discrete, or not?

Yes OK I guess I'll have to.

No I just like to boast.

Thanks. We're validating your answers so please be patient.

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Boy, you're going to have a great time tonight!

But there are always rules...

1. You will be respectful and curteous to any girls you are introduced to.

2. You will always practice safe sex.

3. If a girl says 'No', you know that means 'No'.

I agree to these rules

If you cannot keep to these rules you must leave this site now.

Shame... You really don't know what you're missing!